How Often Should You Get a Massage?

How often should you get a massage?

How often should you get a massage?

One of the most popular questions about Massage Therapy is how often someone should get a massage. The answer depends on the client, as how often you should get a massage depends on many individual factors.

What is the purpose of the massage? Identifying the purpose of why you want to get a massage is the first step to figuring out how often you should get one.

The following reasons for getting a massage explain how often one is necessary:

  • To Relax – If your main reason for getting a massage is to relax, we suggest you schedule a massage at least every three or four months.
  • To Relieve Stress – If you experience high amounts of stress and muscle tension, whether from your job or other responsibilities, we suggest getting a massage at least once or twice a month.
  • To help with Sports Performance & Recovery – If you engage in any form of intense physical activity, and you either want to speed up muscle recovery or help prevent injuries, the recommended time could vary between one to three times a week, to three times a month.
  • To help with Pregnancy – Pregnancy can produce a variety of aches and pains. Massage Therapy to help relieve stress and pain during pregnancy can be extremely helpful at least once or twice a month.
  • Chronic Health Issues – If Massage Therapy is needed to help supplement Western Medicine and treat chronic issues, a program of Massage Therapy should start with up to three sessions a week, and reduced weekly sessions over a few months.
  • General Health – If you are fairly healthy person and just want a massage to help with overall health in general, you can get a massage whenever you want, but keep in mind that there are increased health benefits for those who receive Massage Therapy on a regular basis!


Remember: Scheduling regular massages can have a great impact on your overall health!




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